Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My life now

Hmmm... It has been a long time, I haven't write in English.. I have quite a few blogspot and wordpress, but I seldom or rarely update them. Because I used to be having fun things to do like assignments, running there and there, have dilemma with life choices and yada-yada. But since I quit my master degree and just staying home making online business. Life seems the same everyday. I woke up and get ready, then reach my laptop. Open my blog business? Of course la NO.

First thing I do when open my laptop, is turned the music on. then browse internet for some ideas for blogging, then check social life network, then close the music and then play a movie or korean melodrama. 

If I happened to watch korea melodrama, it is the most time I scratch my ideas, because I am not focusing on the drama that much. However, if I watch something like action movie or horror, I focused because I want to know what happened. You seriously can't watch a horror without focusing because you might get lost.

Did I mention, I gain lots lots lots of weight now. Like crazy put on weight. So, I try everything to lose weight because being overweight is not healthy. It is not like, I wanted to be skinny but just fit & healthy weight.

So in the morning, I usually had oatmeal with a banana, sometimes I had scramble eggs with tomato or frozen veggies, just fruits with yogurt and of course ESP from Shaklee. Then I have snacks like almonds, apple, a slice of cake (on craving day). My lunch, I ate salads or anything mom cooked or I cooked, because usually at noon I cooked with mom. Evening snack, I usually had ESP shaklee or kuih-muih. For dinner, I had oat porridge, salads, and sometimes just ate lauk-pauk. 

Scramble egg

Fish Salad

Chicken Oat Porridge

Ahmad Green Tea
Green Tea

Japan Mochi
Supper - Mochi 

Japan Mochi
Supper - mochi filling

That's all for now, Do check my Shaklee online business. If you are interested to use Shaklee, Dont hesitate and just contact me as below:

Your Health & Beauty Consultant: 
Noor Fatihah bt. Salleh 
Whatsapp & Telegram: 011-31209418 
Facebook: Nutrisi Hatiku 
Instagram: nutrisihatiku_shaklee 

Konsultansi dan Cara Makan akan diberikan pada customer saya :) 

 *Produk-produk ini tidak bertujuan untuk mendiagnos,merawat,menyembuh atau mencegah sebarang jenis penyakit*

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